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Hello & Welcome

I am Shari Bhattoe and I live in Amsterdam! I have a full-time professional job and after work I transform myself into a blogger at Shaar.nl (it’s my escape from cubicle paradise). I update my blog regularly with posts that I am passionate about, like food, lifestyle & beauty. My goal is to help you hard working people by giving you smart recipes and handy tools that will make your life just a bit more easy. And writing about these subjects makes me feel like I am creatively alive in every area of my life.

I think of myself as creative and super curious. And then add 37 years of life experience including careless teenage years, having my beautiful daughter at 21,a very bad break-up with her father, and transforming from struggling as a single mom to becoming a happy-go-lucky single, finding love and the best job ever again including writing a book about party-styling and dessert recipes. And now that I find myself in a situation where I challenge myself on a day to day basis and try to stay focused in my life, I have decided to share my experience with all of you and see if we can learn from each other. My lifestyle posts will include food and fashion inspiration, travel and hotspots. Things that everyone can relate to!    

My passion for food

I hope I am able to share my strong curiosity for food with all of you. I will highlight in my blogs, the food experience ranging from different tastes to cooking and reviewing cook books. I will also focus on finding the new Masterchef adventuring in restaurant visits. My passion is to cook elaborate ‘comfort food’ dishes and set for five course menus (for example, in the typical Indian or Surinam cuisine), but unfortunately I just don’t have enough time to do this on a weeknight. So I have developed some quick fixes: fresh, simple and great tasting recipes that will make your life a bit more easy and a bit more fun. I will share all of these with all of you. Hope you will enjoy them!

Busy life and blogging?

In my opinion, you can only combine a busy life and blogging if you truly love blogging and I do! I stopped blogging for a year, but then the itch and need to share my story with a wider audience came back. So I started my blog again, happy and ready, in January 2015. I combine my full-time job, personal life and blogging life with joy and absolute pleasure. Stay tuned, I will share some of my cooking tips on how to keep a well balanced life and how to reclaim your energy back.

If you share the same interests as I do and focus on excellent food and lifestyle experiences, please follow my blog and share your ideas, thoughts and comments with us.

p.s. please note that English is not my first language, but I will try to keep the errors to a minimum ;-)

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