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For all you sweet tooth’s out there!

For all you sweet tooth’s out there! Vodka, Cocktail, Redbull, Mix, Bubblegum

Vodka & Red Bull Mix

A super easy peasy lemon squeezy recipe (if you could even call this a recipe).

Some people love it and others hate it, I belong in the last category. This little mix is dedicated to my creative friend Inge Spek, she loves Red Bull so much and this is one of her favourite mix drinks out there. I added a fun bubble gum straw to make it look as sweet as it tastes. Inge cheers!

Redbull Vodka Mix drink recipe


60 ml (Absolut) Vodka
Ice cubes
1 can Red Bull Energy Drink


  1. Pour vodka into a glass (high ball type is preffered)
  2. Add ice cubes
  3. Top with Red Bull

Absolut Vodka and RedBull Mix

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