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Inspired by Schumann's: Moscow Mule

I absolutely love cocktails! I noticed this type of drink for the first time when I was 12, my family and I were on a holiday and my niece and I decided to go to the disco -yes the disco!!

And guess what, we even had permission from our parents to go... of course with the chaperone of our 2 brothers (my nephews) and their friends... bummer right.

Anyway we noticed some people drinking something that looked like a party in a glass and I wanted one as well. I think it was a combo of lemonade, 7up, lots of fruit, two paper umbrella's and one disco straw. At the time it was a lot of fun and it tasted incredibly good, not knowing how much more fun and definitely better tasting the versions with alcohol were!! Well hello, 25 years later and lots of cocktails further I still discover good tasting cocktails. Like Moscow Mule, I discovered this fresh and gingery drink for the very first time in Munich!

First let's explain why I visited Munich. My colleague, miss Huberella, invited Marny (also a colleague and a huge Minions fan) and me to visit her in Munich. Marny and I thought this was a great idea, we booked our flight tickets and jumped in a plain to Munich. On the first day Huberella took us to this beautiful Beergarten named "Königlicher Hirschgarten", it looked beautiful and it's a perfect setting for a casual dinner with friends and family. There's something tranquilent about this place - I love it! I think that every city on our wonderful globe should have some sort of Beergarten, the idea of being outside, meeting with friends and family, having wonderful food and some serious beer. Oh by the way it's a definitive no no to hold your glass with two hands, but little did I know of these rules! Anyway we had a great time that day, on the second day we went into the city where we did some shopping and had lunch at this posh place named Brenner and in the evening we had dinner at Buffet Kuhl (Marienstraße 4, 80331 Munich) after dinner we went to Schumann's to have some cocktails.


For the best -yes only the best- cocktails in town you must go to Schumann's. It's located at Odeonsplatz 6+7, Munich. Arriving at Schumann's we ordered our drinks, I can't remember what my initial drink was, because of after taking a sip of Huberella's Moscow Mule I could only think of that wonderful taste, so Moscow Mule it was for the rest of the night. I remember thinking that once I get home, I need to recreate this drink and so I did. The fun thing that night was that chef Schumann was there, apparently he is not present every night. Thinking that he would stay for some more time, I planned to get a picture taken with him. Guess what... the moment I went to look for him, with the help of one of his staff members (and we ran,) he simply drove off! Super disappointing.


So let's recreate this drink and get your bottle of ice cold Vodka out of your freezer, dust your cocktail making gear off and let's get things shaking! Like the menu says; Schumann used homemade gingerbeer, I did not use that for this recipe. BUT it reminds me that I should plan on writing a post on homemade ginger syrup, which you can also use in cocktails. I will keep you posted. Let's head over to the recipe.


First of all try to get your hands on a copper mug, I bought mine at a Turkish household shop. The drink should be served in this copper mug, it's kind of the trade mark of Moscow Mule and the mug keeps your drink chill.

(for one drink)

  • 60 ml Vodka
  • Ginger Beer
  • Lime
  • Mint leaves
  • Ice cubes

Add ice in the copper mug and poor in the vodka, juice of half a lime the gingerbeer and and garnish with lime slices and munt leaves. Words can't even begin to describe the flavors that are going on in this cocktail. Tell me, have you tried this recipe? What is your favorite Moscow Mule version?

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