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Limoncello in the mix

When live gives you lemons you turn them into Limoncello.

And this is exactly what the makers of Bello Limoncello did. I really love this version of a limoncello, it’s sweeter than others and it makes a good mix. I think it’s even nice to coat your freshly baked cupcakes with it or simply to add a kick to your ice cream, poor it over a bowl of vanilla ice cream, add some basil leaves and give yourself some cool down time.

Bellolimoncello glass

Limoncello & Tonic

Serves 2

120 ml Limoncello (preferably Bello Limoncello)
280 ml tonic water (preferably Double Dutch Cucumber)
Ice cubes


Fill two high ball type of glasses with ice, poor the limoncello and tonic evenly over the two glasses.

This drink will be my summer drink heaven!
p.s. this drink is also served at Restaurant In de Waag in Amsterdam.

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