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Orgeat, Vodka & Raspberry Cocktail

A Surinam lemonade meets sparkling water from Amsterdam (Amsterdams Spuitwater) and a good homemade raspberry sauce which creates a refreshing almond, raspberry cocktail.

The Orgeade -almond syrup, is a typical Surinam drink which is usually mixed with either ice cold milk or flat water. I was thinking on a drink to serve at my (dinner) party's and I wanted to have at least one Surinam element in there, well here it is. You could easily leave the rum out of the recipe and have a mocktail version. 

Orgeade Limonadesiroop

Serves 2

4 parts rum
2 parts Orgeade (Orgeat/Almond syrup)
Ice cubes
Tonic or Sparkling water
2-3 teaspoons raspberry sauce


Decorative straw
Mint leaves
Fresh strawberries


Shake all ingredients except for the tonics or sparkling water into a shaker, mix well and divide over two glasses. Top with tonic or sparkling water, add the garnish plus straw and enjoy!

Amsterdams Spuitwater


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