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The Gin and Tonic adventure!

Gin and Tonic it's my favorite drink ever! It has a cool, fresh and zingy taste which I totally love.

Gin is a clear sprit which is flavored with different herbs and spices, also named botanicals. Each Gin brand has a different blend, which is what obviously gives the gin its own unique flavor.

My favorite gin brand is Bombay Sapphire. It's has a very fresh and lemon kind of flavor. I like to drink it with tonic by Fever -Tree and I have a huge preference for the Indian Tonic Water, which is low in calories. One has to watch the calories right ;-)

Gin and Tonic and Fever Tree Tonic

I have drunk Gin and Tonics on many occasions, but my favorite memory of drinking this cool cocktail has to do with my mesmerizing experience on a very strange but yet the most exciting date I have ever been on. I can't share the details, but I can share that this person -let's call him Martin- picked me up and showed me around the city. Arriving at each destination we had a Gin and Tonic in some cases two or three, so at some point this fabulous drink transformed us into these beings who were not quite themselves anymore. I remember this night as something magical and sometimes like I was being interrogated by the FBI. OMG Martin asked so many questions... Anyway this Gin and Tonic slash date experience was the best ever. Yes the award goes out to mister Martin!

Drunk in love Gin and Tonic

So I thought let's share some of my favorite and fabulous hangouts where you definitely should go to have drink some gin and tonic and/or go to for a date.

Number 1 - Tunes Bar at the Conservatorium Hotel


This glamorous and elegant bar is based at The Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam (located in Museum Square). I like this place because it's very relaxed, it's not laud and crowded as most of the Amsterdam bar's are. A DJ is playing at Tunes every Friday and Saturday, which makes it even a better place to be, the place quickly fills up with sophisticated, foreign hotel guests and a good mix of hip Amsterdam crowd. The food -mostly Asian inspired- is amazing and they have an extensive cocktail menu, it's an ideal spot, Of course you have to try one of their Gin Cocktails. My favorite is the Bombay Sapphire East, which had lemongrass and pepper in it. It gives you this tingly feeling after each sip.

Number 2 – Bar 5&33


Located in the city centre of Amsterdam (near Central Station) on the corner of Martelaarsgracht and Prins Hendrikkade, you will find this bar, restaurant, lounge, library and art gallery all in one place! And if you can, take a sneak-peak at the Art hotel lobby and restaurant that is located just around the corner. The scene inside is a mix of young travellers and trendy locals. Try their House Cocktail; Gin Daisy, which contains homemade pomegranate syrup. Note to myself; get a bottle of that syrup!

Number 3 – Herengracht restaurant & bar


I think it's about 12 years ago that I first learned to know this great spot - I fell in love with this place at the very first visit!! To me it has the same comfort as having a cup of good ginger tea on my sofa at home. I see Herengracht as a place where you meet for after-work drinks, a good place to meet friends and have dinner and it's actually a good spot to unwind or even re-charge while you are on a shopping spree. It's situated in the city centre on the Herengracht (around the corner of Koningsplein - you can't miss it). As for a gin and tonic recommendation, try the G&T Nolet's Silver Orange & Cinnamon. It's like fall/winter landed in your glass.

My favorite combination is a very simple one, G+T with lots of ice and cucumber. Try it and let me know what G+T combination is your favorite one.

Recipe: Gin & Tonic with Cucumber
(Serves 1)


  • 30 ml gin
  • Ice cold tonic water (if you can find it, use Fever-Tree)
  • Ice cubes
  • Cucumber (in slices)


  1. Add ice cubes in a glass and add the cucumber parts.
  2. Poor the gin in too and top wih the Fever-Tree tonic water. 
  3. Enjoy immediately.

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