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Amsterdam Kookt - Festival review

Here is to another crazy food festival in Amsterdam! It's a first-timer for Amsterdam Kookt, a great food festival which was located at the NDSM Werf in Amsterdam and was held from Thursday July 30 to Sunday August 2.


I can't get enough of these fun and tasty festivals. I went to visit the Amsterdam Kookt festival last Sunday and it was a wonderful warm summer day. The festival included many impressing food trucks, drink stations (wine bar, G&T stand and many stands with fresh pressed juices) tasting session and also a music programme.


As for the food... we started with a good and tasty board of meat, chopped, marinated and BBQ'ed by the team of Stacks. It tasted sooooo good. It was one of the most busy stands, their foodtruck looked authentic I loved the raw black look and the staff was having a good time as well. Super friendly!

After that we were looking for a place to chill, which we found near the music stage. We shared a case filled with tortilla chips and a fresh somewhat spicy coriander dip. 


I have read on Facebook about these great saté's made by the Sate-Man. And as a huge saté lover I looked out for their station to try some fresh grilled satés and like always the smell was great, I think they use their own marinade. So, we ordered a bun with grilled chicken saté with some condiments and hot sauce. If I could rate this saté I would give it a 6 just for the effort. As for the taste, guys please spice it up!



After eating all that savory stuff, it was time for something sweet. There was a good selection of sweets; pancakes, poffertjes, ice cream and this great thing... a frozen banana covered in chocolate and dipped in nuts. This lady hit the right spot with this idea, I love food that includes banana and this is another great treat.


I had a great time at this food festival and I am already looking forward to visiting the next one... Kwaku which is already going on for a couple of weeks now (only in the weekends). I'll be visiting this fest next Saturday! I will keep you updated.

I added a few more photos below, just to give you a bit of an impression of Amsterdam Kookt 2015. 


               amsterdamkooktt amsterdamkooktr


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