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Cocktails at The Tippling Club

If Madonna and Ferran Adrià had a love child I am sure this would be Ryan Clift! His pop star looks combined with an extraordinary taste palette (food and drinks), could make him this love child ;-)

Ryan, is the owner and chef of The Tippling Club in Singapore. I have learned about Ryan through the TV-series "Mobile Chef" in which he prepares exciting and bespoke dining experiences in eight of Singapore's premium destinations. I followed the show on the Dutch cooking channel 24 Kitchen and I was immediately taken away by this charismatic and talented chef.

The episode in which he prepares a dinner in the Singapore Zoo is my favorite, the idea of that huge wooden plank with all that meat looked so appealing and then those tigers on the background, just AMAZING!
Menu Tippling
So when I had the chance to go to Singapore I immediately thought of visiting The Tippling Club, hoping to meat Ryan in person. The 'big day' arrived and my colleague and I jumped in a cab and went to 38 Tanjong Pagar Road, a picturesque street with some restaurants and small shops AND the location of the Tippling Club. Guess who walked out of the restaurant at the moment that we stepped out of the cab... I was a bit stressed of missing out on him, so out of the blue I just said 'are you leaving already?' (btw it was 10PM), he explained that he had a very long day and was ready to go home, he asked if we came for dinner. We just had a huge dinner at a work event and just wanted to have some cocktails. So this is what we explained. He left and we went inside for some cocktails. BTW he looks even better in real life then on TV.

       Bar Interior Table

When you enter the place you walk straight into the bar, the restaurant part is situated on your right-hand side. It's built around an open kitchen and it has a trendy atmosphere, I liked it. As I mentioned before we already had dinner so we went into the bar area, it has a cozy lounge area and you can also sit at the bar. Ryan's team is amazing -they are friendly and take their time to have a little chat with you.

              Cocktail lolly Lolly cocktail

Time for some cocktails! The names are wacky and the ingredients listed under the names will give you a small hint of what you can expect. Of course at this place nothing is what you had in your mind! I started with the 'Suck First Questions Later' cocktail, the decision was not based on the name, I was just very interested in what the actual lollipop would do in this cocktail ;-) The taste was amazing, there was this egg white fluffy kind of stuff on top of the drink and the combination of licking -or is it sucking- the lollipop and taking a sip of the cocktail was like a little taste explosion in your mouth: BOOM WAUW and NEXT please!!

The second cocktail was named Bubble Tea, not so exciting but wait until you see the picture (below), looks very sparkly and bubbly right? This was also a fun experience, the effect of the little bubble explosions in your face and sipping the cocktail was funny and yummy.

Drinking bubbles
The tippling Club is a wonderful experience, I am really happy that I visited this place and that I could meet Ryan in person. I will come back for dinner!

p.s. Marcus, apologies for not including you in the picture, I was just a bit flabbergasted by Ryan and needed to process that first ;-)

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