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Love is in the air - A mini buffet for two!

That special day, the one that's focused on the (secret) lovers out there, it's just around the corner!

And I have a few simple ideas to help you set the perfect mood for that eve. It's a mini buffet just for two, filled with all your favorite mini dishes. Make it as easy as you like it to be, stay in the kitchen and bake your hart out or simply run by your caterar to pick some of your favorite meals.

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Present your (home made) dishes in fancy looking bowls, cocktail glasses, mini oven dishes etc. and place them nicely on your table -the buffet! Work with higher and lower items by placing some of your dishes on cake stands. Add some candles, flowers and a few candy jars filled with your favorite candies. Find yourself a romantic playlist, add a fluffy blanket and lots of pillows on the floor and you are ready for your romantic evening.

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