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Party Styling: The mega cheese platter!

This cheese plate looks like an oversized cheese platter! In this post I will share my styling tips for a cheese dessert table or buffet, just like to one on the photo with a simple, beautiful and rustic look. I wanted to showcase a savory dessert table, which you as a host can serve at one of your exciting occasions with some cocktails or like the French do… serve with a glass of Port. I think this big cheese buffet looks like a lot of fun! It allows your guests to mingle with your other guests and choose their own favorite cheese selection. The buffet is packed with a variety of hard, soft and creamy cheeses, fruits, spreads, bread and crackers, there is something tasteful for each of your guest if you follow these tips.


There are about thousands of cheeses from all over the world to choose from! So how do you narrow it down to a selection for your cheese platter? I am no cheese expert, so I went to my local cheese store and asked for advice. I was surprised and relieved at the same time, I was told ‘There are no rules in cheese plates!’. How wonderful is this. What I actually learned is that you should have a good balance of strong to mild flavors and soft to hard textures. Get two goat’s cheeses and at least one blue cheese. So I came to the following selection, oh and about 100 gr. of each is a good consensus per guest.

Brieweb Figsandcheeseweb

A good selection of cheeses would include:


  • Hard cheeses , for example: Old Amsterdam, Manchedgo, Emmentaler
  • Goat cheese, for example: Monte Enebro or Le Chevrot
  • Creamy and soft cheeses, for example: Brie, Camembert Port Salut
  • A rich blue cheese, for example: Shropshire blue (like Stilton but a bit more intense) or Gorgonzola
  • Portsalutweb Portweb

Arrange your cheese platter with at least five of the below pairing ideas:


  • - Rustic sourdough bread, crackers and/or baguettes
  • - Dried dates
  • - Fresh figs
  • - Grapes
  • - Pears in syrup (click here for recipe)
  • - Selection of nuts (walnuts, brazil nuts, pecans, and cashew)
  • - Honey
  • - Chutney
  • - Charcuterie
  • - Crudités
  • - Mini shrimp cocktail
  • cheesebuffetweb

How to style this party:

  • - To get the traditional wooden cheese platter look, try to get your hands on a large wooden shelf and place this over two barrels or just on top of your table.
  • - Use wooden boxes and old pots to create raised platforms for some of the dishes.
  • - Prepare dish labels for the event, for each serving line. You can download free tent cards here.
  • - Put small plates at the beginning of the table and napkins and silverware at the end.
  • - Try to group certain items together; fruit choices together, breads all on one side, chutneys and honey on another side etc.
  • - Set out small saucers in front of each serving dish for the utensils and cheese knives.
  • - Set up a separate table with drinks on it for the number of people that you expect. Make sure you have a good selection of pairing wines, port, water and soda’s.

I hope these tips are useful and I am eager to hear from you and your ideas on how you plan and style your party buffets.

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