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Warm oats with simple topping

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Warm oats with simple topping Warm oats with simple topping

"Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper."

This is a classic old saying and it really hits the point. I did not use to be a breakfast eater, I'd rather have a croissant somewhere later in the morning followed by a huge lunch, some bad snacks and followed by a carb loaded meal. Not the best years of my life! Anyway I changed my habits and am a huge fan of breakfast meals! My Monday - Friday breakfast is a simple bowl of warm oats, topped with some berries, sia seeds and cinnamon. But there are many variations of course, see three of my favourites here. And for this little breakfast bowl, this is my version on a warm and healthy oats.

Oats warm breakfast recipe

Recipe: Warm oats with simple topping


1 cup oats
2, 5 cups rice milk
1 tea spoon sia seeds
2 mint leaves (cut very fine)
2 tea spoons granola (I used Roots Amsterdam)
A few raspberries
A few strawberries (sliced)

A few pomegranate seeds


1. Add rice milk, oats and sia seeds into a small pot and warm on low temperature until the oats are softened.

2. Transfer to a bowl and top with the fruits, mint a bit more sia seeds and mint.


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